Folding Gates   

Steel Security Folding Gates

Since 1913

Acorn Wire + Iron Works has been the national leader in folding gates for security, loss prevention, traffic control, school safety, as well as public institution and commercial buildings. Acorn Gates are compact and easy to operate, and can be adapted to fit most conditions; available in both single and double gate configurations. Offered in different styles our units can come complete with folding top and bottom track systems to create a sturdy blockade from unwanted access as well as accordion across dock door and warehouse areas to protect open doorways from potential accidents and safety hazards.

Surface Mounted Folding Gates

For school, public institution, and traffic control applications; these folding gates can control corridor traffic during hours of operation or special events. Offered in single and double applications fixed gates are available with a deep, shallow, or surface mounted storage cabinet for safe and efficient storage, and can be used in new and retrofit applications.

Warehouse & Industrial Safety Gates

Offered in a variety of heights and widths; with single and double applications, these gates can expand to cover open dock doors, mezzanine storage areas, and control access to manufacturing areas. These gates can also provide additional exterior protection to warehouse personnel doors. Built to meet the demands of both interior and exterior use these gates will help make your warehouse safe and secure.

Recessed Folding Gates

These heavy-duty gates can be installed anywhere and may be used to bar unwanted pedestrians from entering prohibited or secure areas. All moving parts on our Security Folding Gates are fitted with rollers for smooth operation and stacking when not in use. Units lock in both compressed and extended positions to prevent damage or injury.

Portable Folding Gates

Designed specifically for areas where a fixed gate may not be practical. Great for use in new or existing buildings, for temporary barriers or time limited access control. Our Portable Gates may be used in as many different locations as their size allows, their transportable nature creates endless applications.


We guarantee our products against defective material and/or workmanship for five years.


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  • Military Bases
  • Government Facilities
  • Co-Location Cages
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Dormitories
  • Libraries
  • Laboratories
  • Gymnasiums + Stadiums
  • Shipping + Loading Docks