5761D - Architectural Specification
NO. 5761D Double type folding gate, 7' 6" recommended maximum height. Hinged top and bottom tracks. Roller bearing construction throughout. All cold rolled material for better appearance. Cabinet doors can be closed and locked when gate is in use. Cylinder locks on gate and cabinets keyed regular or master-keyed to building system. Gates can exceed maximum width but require special recess dimensions.

Gate shall be Acorn 5761D as manufactured by Acorn Wire and Iron Works, LLC.

Vertical members shall be two 3/4 x 3/8 cold rolled channels spaced not over 6 o.c. Lattice bars 5/8 x 3/16 cold rolled flat steel. Vertical end bars shall be cold rolled box type sections to receive roller bearings and cylinder lock. All moving parts shall be fitted with rollers. Hinged top and bottom tracks shall have gusset braces in all corners, automatic hold up arms for top tracks, rubber floor rests for bottom track. Gate shall have self locking tie back arms. Cabinets constructed of 3/16 cold rolled Z bar frames, with 16 gauge steel backs. Flush 16 gauge doors shall have C edges. Gate shall have special hinges permitting cabinet doors to close and lock when gate is in both stacked and extended position. Gate and cabinet locks shall have Yale 15/32 diameter 5 pin tumbler mortise cylinders keyed alike, or master-keyed to building system. Gate and cabinets shall have standard factory finish, color as selected.

Specifications are subject to change, please consult your sales rep or visit www.acornwire.com for more details.

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